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Welcome to the World of Streaming Television - Paid Section


The internet continues to offer new opportunities, bringing television programs, movies, and more, directly into our homes bypassing local cable and satellite TV companies.

Viewer Paid Streaming Sites have a more stable revenue stream compared to some smaller free steaming sites and may provide better video quality, current and additional program selections, newer movies, and a wider set of features and options for the viewer.

In our FREE Streaming section, we provided TV and movie streaming services that follow the American TV revenue format where the streaming site was paid by advertisers selling products in commercials in the programs, rather than by the viewer.

Here, we look at sites that get paid by the viewer, rather than an advertiser. Our site provides general information and web links to some of the larger or more widely reported upon Viewer Paid Streaming Sites. Paying a site directly for their program content, eliminates (or at least reduces) commercials within the programs offered on that steaming site.  None of the sites we list here ( require the viewer to accept a contract requiring any specific long- or short-term contract as a subscriber.

The viewer pays up front for a month and then has access to the programming that month. If the viewer does not pay the next month, the viewer no longer has access.  This is nice for customers that wish to purchase viewing rights for only select months, like baseball or football season. Pay for the months you want, then stop payments until the season starts again.

In recent years few sites offered local-to-the-viewer television channels. Some viewers find it difficult to break the lifelong habit of sitting down to watch a live TV program for local news, weather, and sports.

Management of video streaming websites heard the call. Sites began finding ways to offer at least a few local TV channels in cities around the US. These efforts grew substantially in 2019, with more streaming sites offering more local TV viewing in more cities across the country. This is an expensive venture for streaming sites, and many had to increase monthly fees to handle additional costs.

Basic prices for Paid Streaming Sites start around $6.00 a month.  For a larger selection of programs and features like a DVR service, prices jump to $30 US dollars quickly with several sites costing upwards of $75 US dollars a month.  Some sites might have optional features that, if accepted, could increase the monthly fee.

Remember that an internet connection is required to view any of the sites, either Free or Fee streaming video. This cost should be included when totaling your monthly streaming costs if you do not use the internet for any other reason. If the combined internet and streaming costs climb near your monthly cable costs, you may wish to examine whether streaming works for your location.


Offering my own opinion, I believe a relatively small antenna, preferably on the roof, can bring the viewer a wealth of local TV programming. A streaming service may bring the viewer a number of national channels but usually only four or so live local channels. An outdoor antenna will bring considerably more local TV channels. In metro Orlando, a medium size antenna may bring in over seventy-five channels. Just like cable, you might not like the programming on all the channels.

To reduce complications down the road,  follow neighborhood guidelines, so your antenna meets code.

Of course, if you are in the Adirondack mountain range live TV by antenna will be limited.

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