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If you like PBS or other British, New Zealand, and Australian TV series, Acorn and BritBox are two services that provide a huge amount of similar programs for small monthly fees.

And NETFLIX allows viewers to watch movies, even if the viewer does not have internet.

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 Acorn (BBC-AUS-NZ) =$7 monthly   BritBox (BBC-PBS)=$8 month   Netflix (Disc By Mail)  = $10 mnth

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Jan 25, 2023 - NOTE: Reports in late 2022, show that a majority of TV and Video streaming sites continued to lose money through 2022. Many of the monthly Paid Streaming Services have or are in the process of raising their rates. Review current rates before joining a paid site. Paid sites do not require contracts, but don't offer partial refunds.


Below on this page we offer a peek at some ''Free'' streaming sites along with several ''Viewer Pays'' sites before we send you to a list of streaming sites for the USA. Free movie sites will offer movies with occasional advertising breaks, just as with American TV broadcasting. Admittedly, the free streaming movie sites will not offer todays latest movies just out of the theater. The latest and greatest movies released from the theaters often are only be available on PAID sites, or as a Pay-Per-View movie option.


 According to a July 2022 study from Parks Associates, roughly one-quarter of American households subscribe to nine or more streaming services, while 50% of us have at least four. That is just silly.  Even if only half of the sites are paid services, how much money is a household really saving from just buying regular cable TV?

(Parks Associates, a woman-founded and certified business, is an internationally recognized market research and consulting company specializing in emerging consumer technology products and services since 1986.   About the Company | Parks Associates Research


There are Search Engine sites, that can search movie and television program titles for the "couple of" streaming sites you have joined. is one of the most popular search engines and tracks titles on over 150 streaming sites. The Reelgood is free to use and does not require an account, though they provide more features to those who sign up.
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We also link you to the free streaming services for most libraries and some universities. Not just movies and TV, but ebooks and more.

Before we offer information on over 140 video streaming opportunities, we need to address the Big Three: Netflix, Disney, and Apple.

Netflix started the category of watching current and top-rated movies and series style programs at home. Originally a mail-order service where you would select a movie or list of movies and Netflix would US Postal mail you the DVD. More on Netflix in a moment.

Two new popular contenders are Disney and Apple.

Disney Streaming is almost a must for families with young children. Programs for children and families is their bread and butter. A well-recognized name and reputation, Disney holds many of their classic and new Disney movies to their own service after theater release. In mid 2022 Disney costs $8 monthly or $80 per year for USA subscribers.

Apple TV+ is a streaming service featuring Apple Originals — award-winning series, dramas, documentaries, kids' entertainment, and more. Apple original programs are often added monthly. Currently, to me, it appears Apple is trying to capture viewers from teenage to fifty years old. Given the popularity of Apple devices in households, there's already a large potential customer pool in the US. Subscriptions to Apple+ TV service runs from $15 US a month to $30 US per month; However, these fees also include subscriptions to music, cloud storage, and additional items for the heavier monthly fee.


Netflix continues their Disc-by-Mail service today. For homes without internet, this Netflix movie-By-Mail service continues as a viable option for movies, new and old, along with TV series and specials.

Of course, today Netflix does also offer an internet streaming service and is noted for their top-rated variety of movies, TV programs, and Netflix produced mini-series.

Netflix remains as the reigning king of streaming and reported 220 million subscribers in the second quarter of 2022. But with all the additional streaming competition Netflix did have a significant drop-off during 2022.

 If you are looking at streaming, certainly look at Netflix; but for this writing, I am focusing on their Disc-by-Mail service.

You can select from their entire selection of videos and have the chosen video disc mailed to your home. Here is the fun part: You do not have to watch it immediately – or even that week. According to Netflix website information there are no late fees.

When you have watched the video disc, send the disc back through the US Post Office, at Netflix expense, and Netflix will send you the next video, if you had previously selected multiple choices.

The ten-dollar a month service allows you to have one video at home at a time. Fifteen US dollars monthly allows you to have two videos, and $19 US, allows you to have three videos at home at the same time.

I might note here that Netflix considers their mail service separate from their streaming service. If you wish to have their streaming service and their mail service, you will have to sign up and pay fees for both accounts. I would rather choose a couple of free streaming services, and maybe down the road, join the Netflix Disc-by-Mail service for the latest and greatest. But that is just Tightwad Taylor.

 Netflix by mail:

Netflix Streaming:

For those viewers with a DVD player, ($50 US and up – one-time cost) we suggest using the Netflix Mail Order service and the local library for  households that do not currently have or want internet. Using Netflix mail order and borrowing movie and TV program DVDs from your local library can cheaply provide a rich source of TV viewing.

Netflix Mail Order is around $10 US monthly. Your local library offerings are free with your library cards. And yes, Netflix has Blue-ray movies, so splurge the extra thirty dollars when you buy the DVD player for the Blu-ray version. It is a one-time purchase.

What is Blu-ray DVD?

Blu-ray videos provide an enhanced video display. Blu-ray is a video format designed to replace the original DVD format. Blu-ray uses a different type of laser to read the discs, allowing more data to be stored on a single disc. As Blu-ray can store more data, it can provide a much better picture (Hi-def) than the DVD format as well as better audio. In September 2022, Blu-ray player prices started just below One Hundred dollars US at Walmart.    Phillips, LG, and Sony had Blu-ray players starting in the $80 US range. I would be careful about buying only by price, as you don’t want a just a fair picture when for another twenty dollars you could watch a higher quality display.

With so many streaming choices some streaming sites are implementing changes to their plans. Some sites previously requiring a monthly fee, now offer a limited viewing area for free.

Even with more ad-supported options, streaming companies have begun bundling their services to increase their viewership. Some companies, like Disney, offer consumers a discount to purchase a bundle of all three of their streaming services, including Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+. 

Now let us look at a few popular options:


Cable TV GRID Style:

We are used to the Cable TV Grid style of television. You turn on your TV and scroll down the list of programs currently airing and click on your choice. This style also offers the most TV Networks that you find on cable TV. Some TV Grid streaming services, such as YouTube.TV;;;;,, and more come close to mimicking your cable TV offerings while also offering additional On-Demand programs.

Legitimate streaming services must pay the same broadcast royalty fees as cable TV, so while some channels may be available to the streaming companies for free, the more popular channels could require the streaming service to pay a small to medium sized monthly fee. These fees, along with employee payroll, and other expenses are why all streaming services must collect money to pay the bills. The options are to run advertisements, or collect directly from the viewer.

Few streaming services require a contract. You pay a month in advance for service. You do not pay - you do not view. Some services will offer a discount if a viewer pays for a few months or a year in advance. No partial refunds from any site.

Several Popular TV Grid style sites:  (Monthly Fee Site)

Sling TV is one of the original streaming sites. Sling TV portions their TV channels into two main sections named Orange and Blue, with additional options available. Orange contains 31 channels and Blue 41 channels network channels. Each individual package is US $35 per month (in 2022), or both combined for US $50. Add on specialty packages of about five US dollars a month each for, say, sports, news, children, etc. You can order, say, a sports package for several months, then cancel that package till next season. Sling also offers a way for viewers to their add local TV stations into the Sling package. Few other streaming services offer local TV channels.

Because Sling packages offer Cable Networks such as A&E, History, TNT, ESPN, etc., Sling TV also offers free DVR (Digital Video Recording) services at no additional cost. You can save a live program and return to Sling to watch your recording at a later date.

YouTube.TV, in 2022, offers over eighty-five (85) network channels and free no-limit  DVR. No contract required. While it is one of the more expensive streaming services, they receive high marks from satisfied viewers. In 2022, the cost is US $65 a month.

In late 2022, the NFL - National Football League in the US announced that their Sunday All (non-home games in your city) Games Service is moving to YouTube TV. The service was formerly with Direct TV. The price for this subscription package had not been announced in January 2023. In 2022, Direct TV charged $300 US per season.

Frndly (Friendly - without the i before e rhyme)  boasts it's Family Friendly Programming, with starting monthly prices at US $6.99 a month (Sept 2022). I do not think most viewers would be happy with the $6.99 plan. I believe their other two plans offer a better viewing experience. The other plans offer HD (High Definition) viewing and a DVR. A unique offer is their 72 hour LookBack feature. You can watch a program up to 72 hours after it was shown on Frndly, even if you did not record it. Some programs are excepted.

Frndly offers over forty (40) channels and On-Demand movies. The live TV channels include some major networks like the three (3) Hallmark Movie channels, History Channel, A&E, Lifetime, etc.

Live TV & On Demand
SD Video Quality
Watch on 1 Screen at a Time



Live TV & On Demand

HD Video Quality

Watch on 2 Screens at a Time

Unlimited DVR Recordings

Keep Recordings for 3 Months

Live TV & On Demand
HD Video Quality
Watch on 4 Screens at a Time
Unlimited DVR Recordings
Keep Recordings for 9 Months







Philo is a well known site to check out, and in 2022, a monthly fee hard to beat.

Philo offers a package of sixty (60) top-rated television channels for just US $25 a month. Watch live, save unlimited shows to watch later, or browse a huge library of content available on-demand. This fee includes DVR recording and saving the recording for up to a year.

PHILO? It is argued that Philo T. Farnsworth invented the electronic television in San Francisco, California, in 1927.




Amazon's Prime Video streaming service is around nine dollars US a month. Amazon Prime Video service is included automatically for subscribers to the Amazon Prime plan.

Amazon Prime Video Streaming Service alone:

Basic: $8.99/month includes standard-definition streaming, one screen at a time

Standard: $12.99/month includes high-definition streaming, two screens at a time

Premium: $15.99/month includes up to 4K Ultra HD streaming, four screens at a time


If the viewer already has an Amazon Prime membership at $139 US yearly, the Amazon Video service is included free.

As of September 2022, this is what Amazon Prime Membership for shopping and streaming costs:

$139 per year for an annual Amazon Prime membership, or $14.99 per month. ...

$69 a year for an Amazon Prime Student membership, or $7.49 per month. ...

$6.99 a month for a discounted membership available to EBT and Medicaid cardholders. ...


FOR USA FOOTBALL FANS, Amazon signed a deal in 2022 with the NFL (National Football League), to have the exclusive rights to broadcast (stream) all NFL Thursday Night football games on their Amazon Prime Video Streaming Service. The contract is reported to be for eleven (11) years.


Freevee is a FREE video streaming service also owned by Amazon.  Amazon also offers a video platform for a fee, named Amazon Prime Video.

Freevee, and part of IMDb (Internet Movie Database) TV,  includes on-demand access to hundreds of movies and TV shows. The service also offers virtual live streaming channels like Dove Channel, CON TV, Docurama, Tastemade, and AMC Presents.

Just to clarify:

FreeVee is Free but includes commercials. Users will experience commercial breaks roughly every 15 minutes during their video selection.

Not all the movies and programs that are on the IMDb site are available through FreeVee. There is a fee to view additional movies and programs. This fee in September 2022, is $19 US per month, or $12.50 US per month if paid annually.






Pluto.TV is a FREE TV Grid Style TV service that provides a number of programs and movies running live, and a very large assortment of movies and programs On-Demand.


If you click the above Pluto link, the front page is a bit busy. You will land on a channel of live TV with a grid below you can scroll. To view a larger grid, click on GRID button in lower right -> corner.

However, at the very top of the page above the live show, you will see choices for Live TV, On Demand programs/movies, and a search button so you can search for a specific movie or show to view.

Pluto advertises over two hundred channels, but some channels are really just Pluto made channels from specific TV programs. For instance, there is a Midsomer Murders channel. It runs that entire series back-to-back night and day. There is a James Bond Movie channel that runs Bond 007 movies back to back. Pluto takes a popular series and makes a channel out of it.

The TV channels are divided into genre groups, such as comedy, drama, etc. For free news streams, Pluto TV lets you stream ABC News, Bloomberg, CBS News, CNN, Cheddar, NBC News, Newsy, RT America, and more.

Tubi TV is also a FREE TV Grid style site.

Tubi, a division of FOX Entertainment, is an ad-supported video-on-demand service with over 40,000 movies and TV shows, including a growing library of Tubi Originals, fifty plus network channels with entertainment, local and live news, and sports channels. TUBI features movies and shows from over 400 entertainment partners, featuring content from every major Hollywood studio.

PEACOCK (NBC USA) This site has both free and paid viewing options for NBC (National Broadcasting Company) in the USA.

Limited content on Peacock is available for free--no credit card required. You just need an email address and password to sign up to access thousands of hours of great entertainment instantly. Actually it is not free forever. You are limited to 10,000 hours. That is right ten thousand hours. You will also be limited to select shows, not all of the NBC Peacock programs will be available for free.


Peacock also has two paid plans for additional programming options. in 2022 there was a $2.00 US a month plan, and a $10.00 US a month plan.



Amazon has free programs through their Fire Stick, and Roku has free programs with their Roku stick (stick = hand held remote similar to a TV remote control). You will have to make a one-time purchase of one of their sticks (remotes), of course.


And quickly, here are several more top rated FREE movie streaming services as of September 2022.


VUDU Vudu - Free: Movies & TV    (Part of the Fandango Entertainment Family)

VUDU claims to have the largest collection of 4K UHD titles, making for an even better streaming experience. Here you will find content with Dolby Vision(R), Dolby Atmos(R) and HDR10 for fantastic clarity and quality. There are thousands of titles that are free to watch without a subscription through VUDU's Movies On Us feature. Plus, more than 200,000 movies and TV shows are available to rent or buy, including new releases.

You will also get personalized offers based on your own preferences and viewing activity. VUDU is a part of the Fandango family, which means that you have free access to Rotten Tomatoes reviews. You also benefit from VIP+ loyalty rewards and discounts from partner programs. 


Crackle - Watch Movies Online, Free TV Shows, & Original Online Series

Crackle is a free to use video entertainment network featuring full-length movies, TV shows, and original programming. It is available on a wide variety of platforms including connected TVs, mobile devices, set-top boxes, video game consoles and online at


And finally, a different type of FREE streaming:

Your public library at your fingertips.

Borrow and enjoy audiobooks, eBooks, comics, movies, TV, magazines, or music everywhere you have a screen - your computer, your phone, your car, even your TV. All you need is a local library card.

Libraries and some universities have joined with one or more streaming services to provide library members with free streaming of library items. The service is free with your library card from your local library. Find out which service your library supports— OverDrive (Libby), Hoopla, and Kanopy—then download their application (APP) to your SMART TV or phone so you can start streaming for free from your local library. 

1.)KANOPY.  Kanopy - Free Stream Classic Cinema, Indie Film and Top Documentaries

Kanopy is one of the sites that provides a free streaming service from libraries around the country. Stream thousands of films for free, thanks to the generous support of your public library or university.


2.) Libby App: Free ebooks & audiobooks from your library | by OverDrive

Libby is also completely free. It’s free to install, and there are no subscription costs, no in-app purchases, and no late fees.  Some libraries let you get a library card directly inside Libby, using your phone number. Borrow ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more from your local library for free! Libby is the newer library reading app by OverDrive, used by millions of readers worldwide.


3.) Hoopla -

Hoopla claims to offer more content, in more places, than any other digital library platform, but this is not a claim I have researched.



The above sites are just a sampling of available legitimate streaming sites for the US.

Our below web link flies you off to a website that provides links to around 140 streaming sites for USA television viewing. Hopefully you will find something there that works for you.



Click the link below to visit and review streaming sites legally offering various programming to USA viewers.


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Later when reviewing streaming sites you can go straight to their site without stopping by here. Save you some time.

Thank you for visiting us. It is a rather large topic, but I hope we helped answer some of your questions.


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