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According to the Brit-Box website, they offer the largest streaming collection of British TV. Programs include comedy, drama, mystery, documentary, lifestyle, news and special live events direct from the BBC & ITV. 

 Brit-Box has a 7-day free trial offer. If you don't cancel before the free trial completes, Brit-Box fees are $7.99 US paid monthly or $---.99 US per year paid in advance, .


BritBox is available on the web, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV (4th Generation or Airplay to older models). BRITBOX has APPs you can download for  iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. If you would prefer to access on other devices you can also sign up for a BritBox subscription separately through Amazon Channels and access it on all major device platforms including FireTV, SmartTV's Blu-ray players, Game consoles, and Fire tablet.