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TV Overview
Describes how the digital format for USA television broadcasting has enabled a roof top, or indoor TV antenna to bring in considerably more TV stations than before. We offer you several links choices to visit that can show you a channel chart where your local TV broadcast towers are located. The channel chart can help you determine whether a local antenna is  worth your effort.

Do not buy anything for this project without reviewing what channels and TV networks you might have available in your area. Do not waste your money if you do not like the selections offered when you view the broadcast stations available in your neighborhood.

Streaming Overview
In the Streaming area you will find information on some streaming services available, both free, and viewer paid. The section on streaming sticks looks at the handheld remotes that make life easier for finding and playing internet programs and movies on your television set.

provides information on several companies that provide a free service for you to ''borrow'' movies, audiobooks, podcasts, and more from your local library and select US universities.

Internet streaming services
Sites listed on our site have the broadcast rights to provide their streams in the USA legally at the time this information was published. These streaming sites are nationally reviewed and have financial backing from legitimate sources. There are more than one hundred legal streaming sites available for USA TV.

ATSC 3 = Advanced Television Systems Committee.

Also referred to as Next Gen TV:
This section provides information on new broadcast technical specifications. Our page provides information on features that are in ATSC 3.  Most TV stations have converted to Next Gen TV and all TV broadcast stations are expected to be converted before the end of 2023, though there is no exact cut-over date required by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). However, all stations must also continue to broadcast in today's earlier format for five years from their Next Gen conversion to Next Gen TV.

TV sets using an Over-The-Air Antenna (OTA) that do not have Next Gen Tuners will not be able to view programs broadcast in the new format.

If the TV is using a Cable, Satellite, or streaming service, the home TV should be able to continue watching their programs as these providers most likely will make any technical changes for the home viewer.

Next Gen TV converter boxes and tuners are already beginning to show up on the market (in mid 2022) so older TV sets can view Next Gen TV signals.

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This is not a full-time business for me, but I will respond to any questions about TV antenna installations as soon as I can.

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