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I wish to avoid as much SPAM as possible, so I apologize, but you will have to open your email program and manually write in my email address as noted below. This is not a full-time business for me, but I will respond to any questions about TV antenna installations as soon as I can.

How do I make money on this website providing this information? I don't.  

I am a retired TV/Radio broadcast engineer, that in mid-life switched to computers. I have set up my own home TV viewing to add all the components (and then some) that we mention on this site.

I have purchased oodles of equipment: some worked, some garbage.I hooked various media boxes, computers, and antennas to my home TV. Again, some worked - some not.

Ultimately, I started helping friends install local antennas for their TV viewing. Then friends of friends in lands far, far away started asking questions. That is how our website came to be.

All prices listed on this site are in US dollars and were correct in September 2019. Each streaming site listed on taylortg.com has a link to the streaming site to review current channels, prices, features and other viewing options, such as whether they provide a DVR service.

I endeavor to provide information only on streaming sites that have the broadcast rights to provide their streams in the US legally.

I include nationally known, legal USA streaming services in 2019. I believe many viewers will be satisfied with their TV viewing choices with a TV antenna on the roof, or in the attic, and one or two TV streaming services.

If not, cable companies are always ready to forgive and forget - sometimes at a better rate than their previous fee if you hold out over a month.

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