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If you click a web link on this site you will leave and its privacy policies. A reminder that the sites you visit may not have privacy regulations as strict as Check their Privacy Policy pages.

Some free streaming sites do not require you to sign in. The sites that do request the viewer to sign in offer additional features for logged in viewers These enhancements might include an online DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for their live programming. Other features could include a method for the visitor to save a list of movies they wish to watch later or perhaps the site might offer viewing suggestions based on previous movie selections, etc.

Many sites will request an email address from you. I would suggest you open a separate email address and use that email address at all the streaming sites you elect to use. Numerous companies offer free email addresses, such as Google (Gmail), AOL, Yahoo, and more. Even your current email provider should allow you to open multiple email address names so you may keep your personal email address separate from your online persona. This would likely help to reduce email spamming to your personal email address.

Free is Free, and free is great; however, Viewer-Paid streaming services may offer a more refined experience, better streaming quality, along with more current programming.

If more than one person will be viewing or recording different programs at the same time, review how many streams a site allows at one time. Often it is around three programs at a time, but some sites allow only one program at a time.

Worth noting as you view streaming choices is to remember streaming sites are a business. And just as any business, the streaming company must make money to pay for employees, website and internet fees, royalties paid to people that produced the program, and other associated business costs. Any site (streaming or otherwise) that does not ask for money and does not have advertisements on the site is most likely either new and trying to build an audience, or using you as their product.

Beginning your hunt for streaming sites will require some early decisions on your part.

First - To Pay or Not to Pay, that is the question. Apologies to William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

We have three choices in this arena:
1. Free. No monthly subscription fees. Programs will contain advertisements just as you see on American TV.
2. Free with Paid Selections available. No monthly fee, but some of the site's viewing options will require a one-time fee to view a specific program or series.
3. Paid. You pay a monthly or yearly fee to view the sites program offerings just as you would with cable TV. Usually the programs will not have commercials.

Second - Whether we want a TV Grid style streaming site to mimic our cable TV viewing, or a site that offers hundreds to thousands of movies and TV programs that we can search through to view on our timetable:
A. Cable TV Grid Style.
B. On Demand programs often listed by genre, such as Drama, Sci-Fi, Comedy, etc.
C .Combination of both above.

The On-Demand style can become a bit of a pain if we do not have a specific movie / program in mind. To just randomly scroll through a thousand movie titles to find something to watch becomes tedious at best. One can lose a half hour just reviewing the titles and the synopsis of each program.

To help search through all the titles for the streaming services you follow, there are Search Engine sites, that can search movie and television program titles for the streaming sites you have joined. is one of the most popular search sites tracking titles on over 150 streaming sites. The site is free to use and does not require an account, though they provide more features to those who sign up.
To learn more, click . This link will open a second tab/window. To return here, close that window.

The combo style site  is what we shall review. Several sites in our below list are free, others require a monthly payment. I would start with a free site to use as you learn more of what your viewing needs are. Keep your money for popcorn.

Streaming sites prefer you sign in, because they can include you in the number of viewers to their web channel when talking with advertisers. They can charge companies more for an advertisement if they have five thousand viewers rather than five hundred viewers. And if the site makes more money, they can buy newer and better programs for viewers.



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