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Air Conditioner / Water Heater

Emergency Maintenance

CALL: (407) 628-1086 

After office hours, you may reach the automated attendant.

Follow the voice prompts.

A/C drain


This is Florida. Mold, mildew and algae will grow in your air conditioner drain line year-round. At least  every other month during the cooler months, and each month from March through October,  we suggest residents pour one cup of hot water (not boiling)  down their AC air handler drain line.


Technicians recommend using hot water to un-clog an AC line. They strongly suggest you do not add bleach or vinegar into the drain line. Even light bleach or vinegar fumes rising from the drain line may shorten the life expectancy of your AC indoor air handler.


Moreover, chlorine bleach can eat away at not only the line but the glue and cement joining the line to the fittings. Chateaux water and drain lines are CPVC and PVC, so please first try only hot, but not boiling, water for clearing clogs and debris from lines.

If you feel you need to use bleach or vinegar, use two tablespoons of chlorine bleach in a half cup of hot water, or 50/50 mix of white vinegar and hot water.

Breathing bleach isnít healthy. If you smell the bleach or vinegar coming from the drain line, you should pour another cup of hot water, without bleach or vinegar, into the pipe. You may have to perform this second step more than once.

The Association attaches a suction pump to the outside end of each drain line at least once a year to assist in the removal of mold/mildew and algae within the line.

If you are having AC drain line issues, submit a maintenance request to have our maintenance man check your outdoor drain line to ensure the line is not clogged outdoors with dirt or other foliage.


If you prefer not to follow the above steps, or you are away from your unit for extended periods, algae tablets may be placed in the air conditioner drain pan. These tablets last from three to six months before having to be replaced.

If your system does not have a drain pan, the tablets or strips may be dropped directly into the drain line below the indoor unit.

Contact your AC maintenance company for the cost of three or six month tablets or strips. The size (tonnage)  and use of your AC will determine the strength best suited for your unit.




Also note that, as shown in the photo (B) some water heater drain lines are built into the wall.



A. Outdoor electric emergency shut-off for air conditioner compressors. Does not shut off AC equipment indoors.


B.    Many units have their water heater high-pressure relief-valve pipe connected to the outdoor overflow vent, as shown here. Local and Regional laws require this water heater pressure release value.




If you see water coming from the outdoor emergency water heater pressure release pipe (See "B" in photo), one of the two connected water heaters might be getting too hot, or a relief valve is getting old and weak.  Perhaps one of the unit's two heater coils is not turning off at a proper setting.


For additional information on water heaters, please review the maintenance page titled Water.