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Emergency Maintenance

CALL: (407) 628-1086 

After office hours, you may reach the automated attendant.

Follow the voice prompts.


Each unitís electric meter and master power breaker panel is located on an outdoor wall-mounted box near the residential building's back door.

The residential building's backdoor has an awning over the first floor exterior door. This hallway leads to each unit's dining area.


One symptom indicating that there might be an issue with either the indoor or outdoor breaker box is light bulbs flickering within your condo unit, especially if you turn on or off a TV, lamps, and other electrical devices.


This may be a sign of a loose wire or failing circuit breaker at either the indoor or outdoor breaker box, or a wall plug/switch inside the unit. Contact a licensed electrician as soon as possible.

When the outside  breaker fails, all electricity to the unit is cut off. While resetting the breaker on the outdoor panel may return power to the unit, the resident will want to understand what caused the breaker to fail.

It is unusual to have an issue with this meter box. In 2017, Mainline Electrical, a local licensed electrical repair company, completed the installation of new outdoor master power boxes for all of our residential units. These residential outdoor master power boxes contain each unit's electric power meter and power line feeds to individual units.



Again, it is very unusual to have this breaker fail, so it is important for the the resident to contact  a licensed electrician and have the electric system within the condo inspected.