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Events and Activities

This section provides residents with information of on-property activities and events.
Other popular events in the Winter Park area may also be listed.

Helen Price birthday

Could we extend the Chateaux board meeting? I still have complaining to do!

If you have pictures that you would like to submit, please send to:




Chateaux Board of Directors Monthly Meetings

 Second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM

Chateaux Clubhouse / 2nd floor

Please check the clubhouse first floor bulletin board for any meeting time / date changes.

Exact meeting information and agenda is posted in advance of any Chateaux Board of Director's meeting on the Chateaux's first floor Clubhouse bulletin board.


Contact the Chateaux property manager at least two weeks in advance if you wish to discuss adding an item to the monthly meetings' agenda. Florida law does not allow a condominium board to discuss items not on the posted agenda.


Chateaux du Lac Board of Directors - 2018

Tony W -  President
Nancy S - Vice President
David D - Treasurer
Dennis K -
Bobbie W - 
Lorie Fulkes - Property Manager

Elections held during the annual association members meeting in February each year.



No public event at The Chateaux Clubhouse has been announced at this time.

Check the Community Bulletin Board next to the Chateaux laundry room entrance door for updates.



The Chateaux Clubhouse



To rent the second floor Chateaux Clubhouse Community Room contact our Chateaux Property Manager at Hara Management.

Only current residents may rent out the Chateaux Clubhouse. Specifically, the person renting the clubhouse must be living at The Chateaux.

Renting the Clubhouse includes only the second floor community room. The rental does not include the pool or lakeside deck areas.

 There is no fee for the use of the clubhouse if all Chateaux residents are invited to attend through notices posted by residential mail boxes and in the laundry room at least five days in advance of the activity. There is a charge of up to one hundred dollars ($100) if the clubhouse is not properly cleaned after any public or private event.

There is also a fee to use the Chateaux clubhouse community room for private parties / events. Please contact our property manager at Hara Management for the rates and terms. 

Additional fees may occur if the room or any Chateaux property in the room is damaged during a public or private event. The room will be inspected by a Hara or Chateaux representative and the room key(s) returned to that representative with-in twenty-four (24) hours after the event.

Hara Management


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