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Winter Park Village
The City of Winter Park has given "conditional use approval" for the demolition of the current Chamberlain's store in the Winter Park Village. A new building will be built replacing Chamberlain's and a small building at the corner of Orlando Ave and Canton Avenue.

REI Sporting Goods will open a 25,00 square foot store in that location of the village.

The Winter Park Kmart Shopping Center

The 22 acre Winter Park Center at 501 N. Orlando Ave, commonly known as the Kmart shopping center, is getting a complete overhaul by the owners. The City of Winter Park Planning and Zoning Board approved the plan unanimously with some provisions.

Some current plans (as of March 2016) include:

Two large oak trees will be lost due to a new parking lot reconfiguration which gives a new north/south travel route from Webster Avenue down to Gay Road. Winter Park Planning and Zoning (P&Z) must review and approve the final design of the landscape plan and will try to save the trees. 

10,000 sq ft of additional retail space will be created in the area formerly used as the Kmart garden shop.

Winter Park will allow an additional two percent decrease in parking spaces if the developers will provide more “Winter Park” character. This would include enhanced pedestrian circulation, landscaping and storm water retention. There will be a total of 1,048 parking spaces at the renovated Winter Park Center. Winter Park Planning and Zoning must review and approve the the final design. 

Many of the current stores will remain. Office Depot will remain, though with a reduction of their store size.

 Additional stores that have announced they will be opening a location in the shopping center include DSW shoes, Home Goods, Ross, and Marshalls.

At least three restaurants will be added to the shopping center. Toojays Deli, Blaze Pizza, and Zoe's Kitchen have announced their intentions to move into the plaza. View the graphic below to see the probable locations of the stores and restaurants.

You may visit the restaurant websites to view their menus by clicking their names below their photos toward the bottom of this page

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Click the name of any store above that is highlighted to visit that store's website.
KmartThis picture is full size and will not enlarge.

This entrance is the main Orlando Ave (17/92) entrance at Webster.
The new sign on Orlando Ave will be 28 ft. tall and 500 sq ft in size.  Planning & Zoning must review and approve the final design of the Orlando Ave sign. 
KmartThis picture is full size and will not enlarge

The above entrance is the Lee Road entrance
The new sign on Lee Road will remain in the same location and retain the same size.
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L A Fitness will also be improving and upgrading its location in the center.

Michaels and most of the other retail outlets will stay during the  centers remodeling.

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To view the website and menu for BLAZE PIZZA, click on name.

To view the website and menu for ZOE'S KITCHEN, click on name.

To view the website and menu for , click on logo.

Will Orlando get the IKEA Bike?

IKEA has created a bike! The bike, called Sladda, is designed for those who don't already own a bike.

IKEA, the Swedish retailer is gearing up to launch a new product that some believe is nothing short of a revelation. Later this year, IKEA will begin selling a chainless bicycle called SLADDA, and the multiple award-winning design has already been dubbed the “best of the best.” Come August 2016, we’ll get to find out how true that is. It is on sale in Europe this summer for $569.

he SLADDA bicycle relies on a corrosion-resistant drive belt, rather than a traditional bike chain. IKEA claims the drive belt will last up to 9,320 miles, which is two to three times longer than the average chain drive. The company partnered with Oskar Juhlin, Jan Puranen, and Kristian Eke of Veryday design studio to produce the stylish bike, which sports a minimalist aesthetic and clean white frame. SLADDA is a unisex bike with adjustable handlebars, which means, according to IKEA, anyone over the age of 12 can use it.

Although details are limited, IKEA says the bike also sports a “click system” that allows the rider to attach accessories. So far, we know this includes a basket, a rack for panniers, and a towing trailer. Designer Juhlin hinted that other manufacturers might create additional accessories: “Sladda is like tablet apps: you can add endless accessories to enhance ease of use.”

IKEA’s new bike design won the retailer one of three Red Dot Awards this year, an honor given for excellence in product design. SLADDA won the Best of the Best, which is the top prize in each category.

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