This site contains information on how to watch USA broadcast TV stations with a TV antenna, without paying a cable or satellite TV provider.

The streaming section of this site is being updated now and through September 2022

There is nothing to purchase on this site, and there are no advertisments. We provide information only. Any new product you might want is available at local stores near you, or on the internet.

A new TV broadcast technology is being adopted by American TV stations. This new TV Tech, is technically called ATSC 3, but more often referred to as Next Gen TV.

Next Gen TV provides the opportunity for most cities to have additional local TV channels.  Many stations have already begun using the new technology. Smaller TV metro areas might not receive Next Gen TV until 2023 because the FCC did not suggest an exact switchover date for the TV stations to make the switch.  Changing TV signals from today’s standards to Next Gen TV is an expensive obligation for your local TV station.

Because Next Gen TV technology is not backward compatible with current television sets, all stations that switch to Next Gen TV must also continue to broadcast on the current / former NTSC (ATSC 1) standard, for five years from their switchover date.

All non-Next Gen TV sets connected to an outdoor antenna should work at least through 2026 or 2027. I also would think we will see ‘converter boxes’, or Next Gen tuners for the back of older TV sets to view Next Gen TV signals in later years, though only true Next Gen TV sets will be able to display the upgraded features.

To be clear, if a TV viewer in the United States wishes to continue receiving their TV channels through a cable or satellite TV vendor, no changes to your TV system are required. Cable TV companies will make any required technical changes for non-Next Gen TV sets so you may continue to view TV channels without making any changes.

This site is for USA TV viewers that wish to replace their cable TV subscription, or just add the additional option of adding free Over-The-Air (OTA) broadcast channels to their current viewing options.

Secondly, this site can help viewers add one or more movie and TV program streaming services to their TV systems, with or without local antenna or cable TV systems. A number of streaming options are free and without a contract. *Some video streaming services are free, but the TV must be connected to an internet source, and the internet to the home is probably not free.

In decades past, a TV antenna mounted on the roof probably received five or fewer TV stations in many cities. Digital broadcast technology today may increase the number of received stations to fifty or more. Of course, you may not like all the channels, just as you might not watch all of the channels available on cable and satellite TV.

If you would like a little more information, just step inside and browse around. There is nothing for sale on this site.

Again, if you decide to try out a VHF - UHF antenna, you can purchase one at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, and other retailers, or online at Amazon and more.

By the way, if you try an antenna out, take notice of how clear the OTA picture is since there are not miles of cable and amplifiers between you and the TV station.




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