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                              Video Streaming Sites



No programs originate from this site. This site is home to a collection of websites that offer free and paid TV/video viewing. Save any links here you find of interest to your internet device to increase connection speed and viewing reliability.


Any streaming service listed on this site has advertised itself have the broadcast rights to stream the programs and movies it offers.

Not all visitors to these sites will be able to view the exact same program content. The sites we link to observe proper copyright  laws and thus some programs are restricted to specific geographic areas (depending upon your devices internet address) and other copyright regulations.

While there are  many more video streaming sites other than the sites included here, some sites may be more concerned with accessing your wallet, than you accessing their videos. While we cannot guarantee you won't run into malware or virus links on the streaming services listed on this site, we have refrained from linking to the more blatant violators. However, ensure your internet devices are running active malware and virus checkers at all times, as a web site operator may not have malware intentions, the site's advertisers might not be so charitable.

Most streaming services are available through national smart TV remotes packages such as Amazon's Fire, Roku's streaming sticks, along with Alphabet's Chromecast. Alphabet is the parent company of Google and it's sister companies. Roku, a private company, is located in Saratoga California. Amazon is a public company founded by Jeff Bezos.


Be cautious about clicking on any web site or advertisement that declares your device must install a new media player, or other some such software. Apps for most companies are available from iTunes, Google Play Store, and Windows web sites.

NOTE: Broadcast TV Networks may also offer Apps for those viewers accessing their website with a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone.



This site offers a list of web sites that provide access to various US and British television programs and movies. To view most of the TV and movies, the viewer (you) must register with your Cable/Satellite provider and the internet site providing the programs. No programs are originated on our site. We only provide a list of sites legally providing American and British programs.

Taylortg.com does not use third party or tracking cookies. We do not track any viewer or place cookies on your device, with the exception of  "session cookies".  

Session Cookies  allow our site to properly guide you to your selected pages. Session Cookies do not retain any user defined content. Session cookies track the page you are viewing so they can send you to the proper page for the link you have selected. Visitors may find taylortg.com graphics in their browser's "temp" folder. Some browsers save graphics and backgrounds to speed page delivery. Normally these files are, or can be, deleted when the browser closes, or the device owner manually deletes the files.

All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective companies.