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This site contains information on: 

A) Installing your local TV antenna and why a local antenna brings so many more local stations than was possible years ago.

B) How a viewer can add additional TV channels from legal and FREE internet TV and movie streaming sites.

C) How a viewer can add additional TV channels from PAY internet TV and movie streaming sites - with no contracts.

D) Information on changes occurring in TV broadcast standards allowing viewers to capture even more local stations in the near future.


In decades past a TV antenna mounted on the roof probably received fewer than five TV stations in many cities. Digital broadcast technology today, may increase the number of received stations to fifty or more. You only need an antenna, your current television set, and some coax cables with connectors to connect your TV to the antenna. TV for free, with no monthly fee.


With so many programs available now with an antenna, why all the enthusiasm over internet streaming TV services? For some viewers, canceling their cable TV subscription and then mounting an antenna on the roof, doesn't bring the variety of programming to which the viewer has become accustomed.


Some viewers want a broader selection of TV programs, sporting events, and movies. Cable TV networks like FX; AMC; TNT; Hallmark; ESPN; HGTV; CNN, and more do not have broadcast towers. Previously cable programs were only available through cable and satellite providers. Today, many of these channels are also available through internet TV streaming companies.


I provide a few web links you can follow to see what local TV stations will be available to you at your home address before you even step out of the house to buy an antenna. If you are skeptical about following links, one of the three is a US government site. Not sure if that makes you feel any better, but it does provide information on TV stations in cities and towns throughout the US.


You will find information on both free and paid TV internet streaming sites. I suggest you give the free sites a try, though several paid TV streaming sites start around $6.00 a month.  For a larger selection of programs and features like a DVR service, prices jump to $30 US dollars quickly with several sites costing upwards of $75 US dollars a month. None of the TV and Movie streaming sites I preview here require a contract. You don't pay for a month - you don't see their channels for a month.

For viewers canceling cable TV to lower monthly TV viewing expenses, review the internet costs in your neighborhood. TV from your local antenna does not require internet. You only need an antenna, your TV and a coax cable to connect those two together. The coax and antenna are available from your local stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes and more. Obviously perhaps, internet TV streaming services will require an internet connection. An internet connection will have a monthly fee that will most likely be over fifty US dollars a month. That is at least $600 per year. If members of the household do not use email or need the internet for any other reason than TV streaming, this fee could be a bit heavy on the wallet each year.


One free option to avoid paying for an internet is your local library. Libraries ain't just for books anymore. Libraries today carry a large selection of movies, TV episodes, documentaries, and more in the library's DVD section.


With your purchase of a DVD player for less than US $50, you can have movie nights at home with popcorn, hot dogs, and your choice from hundreds of DVD videos available with your free library card. Popcorn and hot dogs are extra from your local grocery store. Or invite the neighbors over. You provide the movie; they provide the snacks.


With a TV antenna on the roof, or in the attic, and maybe a DVD player and or a TV streaming service if one does have internet,  many cable TV cutting viewers will be satisfied with their nightly viewing choices.


If not, cable companies are always ready to forgive and forget - often at a better rate than their previous fee if you canceled for over a month.

If you would like a little more information, just step inside and browse around. There is nothing for sale or to download on this site. Again, if you decide to try out an antenna, you can purchase one at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, and other retailers, or online at Amazon and more.

I do suggest you do not cancel your cable TV subscription until you have installed your antenna and previewed Over-The-Air programs available in your neighborhood. Today's TV sets have a button on the remote that can switch the TV reception between Cable TV and Antenna TV.





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