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To stream programs to your television you will need an internet connection that provides a reliable minimum of 10 Meg download feed and a television set manufactured since 2009. SMART TV sets produced in the last couple of years are even better as they usually offer more features to support streaming and local antenna TV. 

Some video streaming companies have a monthly fee and require registration. Other streaming services are free to use and are supported by advertising, just as USA television has its commercials.

Not all services provide the viewers local television station programs, such as local news, weather, sports.

Consider starting with free streaming services. There will be advertisements, sometimes before your selected movie, and commercials within the programs and movies. Usually the commercial breaks are very short, from fifteen seconds to a one minute. If the company does not charge you a monthly fee, it must find a revenue source to pay the bills, staff, and broadcast rights to the programs you are watching.

Some viewers cut cable TV to lower monthly entertainment fees; However, if you want the latest movies or, say, more sports programming, try out a fee-based service. Most fee-based streaming services offer a free trial offer and do not have contracts that require subscribers to stay longer than a month at a time.

Streaming site names! Do not ignore a streaming site just because it has a wacko name. Every English language word in the dictionary is already taken as a website address, so webmasters are having to make up words. XUMO and VUDU are excellent free and safe streaming sites.

ATSC 3 is a new broadcasting format that all US TV stations should adopt by 2023. This format changeover is already underway. Todays television sets manufactured through at least August 2019, will not be able to show TV stations broadcasting in the ATSC 3 format. You may wish to glance at our ATSC 3 topic on the left. Our ATSC 3 info shows which cities where one or more TV stations are starting the switch to ATSC 3 this year (2019) and early in 2020. Currently regulations call for any television station that adopts ATSC 3, continue to broadcast in today's standards (ATSC 1) for five (5) years from their switchover date.

A final note: I endeavor to provide information only on streaming sites that have the broadcast rights to provide their streams in the US legally.

These are the top legal free USA streaming services today, in my opinion. With one or two of these free streaming services, I believe may viewers will find they donít need to pay for streaming services.  Also check with your cell phone APP store to check for any Free TV services that are available.  There are several free TV APP programs available on the Google Play Store and the iPhone APP Store. I am not listing them here because at least some of them offer premium content channels for free. I am skeptical of the legal status.

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